Visual Communication:

In what ways does the visual communication/message of the piece meet the needs of the brief?

The brief asked for a rebrand of a restaurant that centres around boosting the aesthetic of the restaurant through professional methods of design and branding. I feel that I have met the needs of the brief because I have taken the original branding of the restaurant and created a new brand that will be more identifiable than the current as well as improving the image. 

In what ways does the visual communication/message of the piece fail to meet the needs of the brief?

I said in my proposal that I was going to redesign the website as the current one is poorly designed, however due to time restraints I did not manage to create the website. Through the website I would have been able to advertise the restaurants other services such as the take-away and delivery service that the restaurant provide as well the entertainment that features there on Friday nights and the shishas that are available (which would be a good way to entice students). The imagery that I have created does communicate the type of restaurant and the quality that they are trying to communicate.   

What are the strengths of the visual communication? Why?

This project meets the brief because the menu design appears clean and modern with the imagery that I designed that refers to the classic designs of islamic Geometric patterns. The menu design has been designed so that they communicate the quality the restaurant represents as well as being functional for the customer as well as creating a unique experience of use from the use of French folding as well as Japanese binding, which creates a very unique aesthetic and feel. The brand has also has its own custom hand written type based around the Arabic alphabet, which is unique because it stands out against other restaurants that use standard typefaces. 

What are the weaknesses of the visual communication? Why?

I fear that the layouts of the pages in the menus may appear insufficient in the manner that they are not laid out like other menus that have multiple types of dishes on each pages, however these layouts were necessary to hold the key information about the dishes while keeping the clean, contemporary and modern aesthetic of the piece.

In what ways could the piece be mis-read or mis-understood by the audience? Be specific about who the audience is.

The target audience are adults of all ages and the students that are based in Canterbury, however I don’t think that there are any elements that can be mis-understood, however the menus could contain the website for the customer to see as well not informing customers on the business cards of the other services that the website provides.

In what practical ways could the piece be developed or improved?

I am very pleased with the outcome of this project, but  I would have liked to have printed the business card and front and back covers to the menus in a laser printer because it has resulted in a much more clean and vibrant colours. Unfortunately I was unable to create the website for both desktop and mobile for the brand that would feature menu in a digital form as well as additional information for the viewer. If i could add to the design I would have created a pattern that could have been used as a stroke and the bottom of each page to add more imagery that could be linked to the origins of the food described.  

Reflection of own working practices:

How was my time keeping?

I think my time keeping throughout this project was pretty good. I attended 2 trips which ate into to the time remaining at the end of the deadline. I visited the restaurant 2 or 3 times during the brief, which I used for research and inspiration and managed to acquire images of their menu as well as their current business card that I analysed. I ordered the hole punch which I thought would be delivered quite quickly was coming all the way from China and may not have come in time for the hand in so I found a replacement just incase the one i had bought specifically didn’t arrive in time. I had a schedule that I managed to keep to and came in to college during the half term break and printed off everything that I had needed to print, which brought me ahead of schedule, which was good because I had fallen a tad behind on blog work, however with a week left before hand in I was able to catch up in a matter of days. 

How was my analysis of the brief?

I was able to analyse the brief well as it was my own concept real world design problem. Writing the brief myself allowed me to fully understand the project and through my research and analysis of other restaurants and branding projects.

How was my research?

I really enjoyed my research because I was able to analyse and take inspiration from other branding projects that people had designed and presented on websites such as Behance. As well as branding projects I was able to research the Arabic language, which went on to develop the hand written type through inspirational pieces of graphic design by Hassan Massoudy, which helped me with the letter anatomy of the hand written type instead of finding a poor replacement from the internet.

How did I use research to generate and develop ideas?

When researching the countries that the food originated form I also looked into their architecture, which lead me to the geometric Islamic patterns that I used as inspiration for the logo to be used for the logo as well as a more detailed version, which was used for the main piece of imagery of the brand. The research of Hassan Massoudy influenced the structure of the hand written type that i created for the brand.

How did I use experimentation during the project? How can I make this more effective?

Throughout this project I experimented with French folding through the use of mock up menus to test the endurance of the folds and Japanese binding through the experimentation of different binds so that I could find one that was durable enough to be used on the menu and to be used on a daily basis. I also experimented with different paper stocks because I wanted to create the menus I had to try different paper stocks and also wanted to stay away from the normal buy paper from the shop and using that. To improve my experimentation I could have added embossing to the business card so that it had a more professional look, however it may have been the case that I didn’t use this process.  

What parts of the project did I enjoy most? Why was this the case?

I really enjoyed the fabrication of the branded materials and their designing because when I was researching the branding projects on Behance and other websites it became clear that I would like to improve my skills as a graphic designer and work on branding and the visual communication of businesses.  

What parts of the project did I enjoy least? Why was this the case?

I didn’t enjoy printing my project because I had a few problems printing, which affected the professional aesthetic that I was aiming for and so had to have some the pieces professionally printed, which cost more than I thought it would as it was my own paper that i brought in to be printed on. I had prepared for printing errors, however I am glad that there were no massive problems which meant that I couldn’t print my menus and fabricate them.

What areas inspired me? Why was this the case? How could I follow these up?

I was inspired by the Graphic Designers that I had researched because the level of professionalism that their work was presented was inspirational and made me want to achieve close to this. I created a Behance, Digital Arts and Blog Spoon account that I will be using because I can create collections of different artistic fields that I find inspiring and use for inspiration in the future.  

What areas were challenging or difficult? Why was this the case?

I found it challenging to bind the menus because it took me over 4 hours each and I would get almost to the end and realise something was threaded wrong and so had to go back about 20 steps to correct the small mistake that I had made, but I think that the piece looks more professional because of it. 

Do I need to develop certain skills? Do I need these now? Or later?

Design is always changing and so there will always be skills that need to be developed now and over time.I would like to develop my skills with my Intuos Pro and develop my illustration and hand written type skills because these were the areas that required a quick learning curve for me to keep to my schedule, and also seeing the result from illustrating purely on a tablet makes me want to improve as an illustrator. My skills Illustrator have improved and I would like to improve my Photoshop and Indesign skills further for the future because having these skills will help me a lot in the future of my career. 

Any other points?

When I first started this project I was unsure whether i would enjoy this brief that I set myself, however I kept with it and I am happy with the final results.