This type of graphic design inspires me because as a result of the bright eye catching colours it brings the attention of the audience to it over other similar posters. This poster has multiple layers of images which include the main logo of the game in the background as well as the 2 explosions erupting from each side of the persons head, these explosions show the main protagonists and in the opposite their rival. The positioning of the person on the poster brings the audiences eyes to him because of the positioning of his hands in conjunction with the explosions coming out from the sides of his head; and also his blue eyes that contrast the orange and yellow. The layout of poster inspires me as it has no blank white areas, the designer has wanted it so that there is always something to look at. the style of the illustrations are highly detailed and yet have thick black lines around all the edges to give the illustrations more defined depth. The main piece of typography is the title which is yellow, keeping to the bright eye catching style and also the thick black outline and shadow giving the text a 3D look.

This movie poster for limitless inspired me as this poster has multiple layers of images broken up by multiple layers of text and blank areas. The multiple layers of images fade from one to the next on the first line showing his as a result of taking this pill that made him rich and powerful; showing that photos and screen shots can be blended using effects over the top. the next image has had other effects added to make the image look in motion as if time is passing by but he’s standing still, which is a side effect of taking the pills. the final image is blurred he same as the one above to make him the main focus of that image. underneath the final image is the title of the film which is slightly overlapping the final image; the title is in a simple text and so is simple to read and because its which it stands out over the dark lower part of the final image. All the other text including the actors names and the rhetorical question underneath the title which are all a dark blue colour similar to the colours used in the final image which helps the text look more part of the poster.


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