Class work on Illustrator

From these screenshots you can see that using the pen tool in illustrator can be used to create smooth curves to create a basic portrait of a person, staring with the basic outline of the face and hair and gradually adding detail and shading over the top of the layers. First the face and hair had to be created by tracing the original image which was simple enough after some practise with the pen tool. To colour the hair and skin close to the original images features i used the eyedropper tool to get the similar colours and then began adding detail such as the lips, eyebrows and nose detail. the lips were quite easy to make and add to my portrait, however finding the correct flesh tones for the detailing on the nose was difficult as it had to be slightly lighter in places to give the effect of the light highlighting features. The eye area was the next part but because the original image was pixelated it became hard to determine the details, in the end i followed the basic shape of the eye shadow and then began drawing the eye which i am pleased with as it looks shows the thick eye lashes and pupil, but i found it looked better without trying to add a lens to the eye. Eventually i moved onto adding shadowing and highlights onto the portrait giving it more depth , for example adding shadow onto the neck and chest shadowing as well as where the light highlights the models features. Finally i added some highlights to the model’s hair which i feel i could have improved more to make them look more realistic.


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