Illustrator take 2

For this piece of work i decided to do the joker as i wanted to do another piece in illustrator that was more complicated, and so i chose the joker form the new batman movies. To begin with i took the general shape of his face which was pretty simple with the pen tool and using the eyedropper tool found the correct tone for the jokers white face paint. I then began on the go over the basic shape of the jokers hair, colouring it using the eyedropper tool once more. I then began with the basic mouth shape and then added the smile wrinkles around it in a darker red to make them look like shadows. For the teeth i took the bottom part inside the mouth and penned around the teeth and coloured that; for the teeth them selves i places a relevant coloured shape behind the black outline to be the teeth, which is used in other images of this style that i looked at. The eyes were created by using the pen tool to get the shape of the eye shadow of the eyes and then drew the whites of the eyes and placed the lenses over the top with a simple black circle from the shape tool as a pupil as the final layer. After the basic details were created i moved onto adding other detailing that had been visible on the original image. Where the crease of his brow had smudged or removed some of the face paint and left bare skin i started adding in these details and made them the flesh tone that was visible; also other smudges that were visible were added too around the mouth and cheek area.


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