Kerning, Tracking, Leading and Colour


Kerning is a process of adjusting the spacing between individual letters of a word to the correct distance so that the word appears to have the correct letter spacing. Words that have poor or insufficient kerning can be mistaken for other words and/or letters. o practise our kerning we went on which gave us words to kern and gave us scores out of 100% to see how well we did.

As the more types of words needed to be kerned the harder the kerning became with longer more complicated words introducing capital letters and different fonts; such as gargantuan, Xylophone and Await.

After placing the letters init the correct place we were given scores out of 100 and moved onto the next word and as you can see here are just a few of the words that i managed to get 100% on. Kerning will be very important throughout this course and i will remember the basics of kerning and hope to use it in future work.


Tracking is letter spacing between a group of letters to affect the density in a line or block of text to affect the legibility.


Leading is the distance between the bottom of the following words and the top of the line below. Leading originated when hand-typesetting was used when lead strips were inserted into the forms to increase the vertical distance between lines of text.


Colour of text is not the actual colour of the text but how many lines are placed on a page and the overall spacing of lines between each other on a page. The colour of the text can also increase the overall legibility of the body of text and the ease of the text to be read.


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