Counter Forming

First i began by creating a grid and turning it on its side. To create the grid i first had to create a square using the basic shape tool and rotated it using the transform tool, to make the square into a grid you can see from the screenshot the directions to get the grid options where the creator can choose how many columns and rows there are to be present and also the gutter spacing between each grid section. The font of the characters can completely change the shapes and design of the poster created because of the diversity of fonts and the shapes that can be created.

To counter form letters insert a letter or character, move and manipulate it into a pleasing position and then bring the grid square behind it to the front and create a clipping mask so that only the area inside the grid square is seen. Using the direct move tool to move and shape the letters into correct position if its position wasn’t truly satisfactory.

Letters do not have to be the only characters used in the counter forming process, symbols and glyphs that can also be used to add more complex shapes and added formations to the piece of counter forming that was created.


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