Expressive Typography

Expressive Typography is physical word manipulation of the structure or aspects of the text that present what the word is. To begin with simple words were given to us, such as Big and Small and we had to use tools such as warp and reflect to get the desired appeal.

To alter the word big i used the warp tool and stretched it to make the word seem bigger that at really was with the bulge tool and i also made the word small and placed it into the bottom corner of the page so that it gave the illusion of the word seeming smaller that it really was.

Altering letters can also be used to create effects, this can be as simple as creating outlines around the letters and maneuvering them into place such as this simple example of moving the ‘O’ in Bounce so that it looks as if its bouncing away. the same technique was used for the word scatter by moving around each individual letter to get the scattered look.

Bend is another simple text that can be altered, to achieve this i created a curve using the pen tool and used the follow path tool to have the text follow the curve created.

For the Tall all i did was alter the anchor points of the top of the ‘T’ and both the letter ‘L’, however i did not change the ‘a’ as i don’t think it would have altered as well as the other letters.

For the word Reflection i copied the word and flipped it so that it read backwards and positioned it before the original word Reflection, changing the opacity of the word made it seem more faded like a reflections. A straight line between the words gave the impression of a mirror between the words and finally placed a gradient over the top of the reflected word.


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