Alternate Typographic poster

To begin this poster I decided use one of my pictures which had the strand in it so that when the audience of typographers looked at the poster they can see that it is the strand that is in the poster. To begin with I found a picture I had taken and of the strand and cropped it so that only the road and the buildings were in view. Next i began by altering the Opacity of the photo so that it was lighter for the text to stand out over the top. I then placed a grid over the top of the of the whole image to help me place my text on the poster with precision and equal spacing. I also placed the key information of the poster onto the side out the was just so i new exactly what was going onto my poster before i began adding text.

I began by adding text on the poster using Baskerville Regular as the font isn’t too big so that it covers up too much of the background and it looks aesthetically pleasing due to the serifs that are on the letter make it seem more formal. Using black text meant that it stands out against the faded background so that the audiences look at the text first before looking  the image. The positioning of the title is to follow the white area of the photo as this would make the poster title easier to read than if the text was positioned over the top of the buildings. Using the grid I was able to make sure that the text was was all evenly spaced as well as positioned correctly.

Then I began placing the date under the title in a blank area of the poster where the pavement was and underlined it by placing the month that the tour was occurring on underneath. I made sure the date only filled that areas worth of squares in the grid to keep it small but use the space it was given.

Finally I placed the further information at the at the bottom of the poster as its the least important piece of information, with the website at the very bottom which is slightly bigger than the further information so that if the audience only has a quick glance they can see the website and look it up later. If i could change this piece i would move the further information piece of text just under the date text instead as the base of the phone box is dark so that it makes some of the text hard to read.







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