Evaluation and Reflection

Visual Communication

The visual communication of the piece meets the brief as it advertises the typographic walk along the strand using one of the photos that I took along the strand. The font used is easy to read as well as looks pleasing when read, the colour of the text was kept black and white to keep to make it stand out against the background. The text is structured so that it is easy to read for the audience and has all the key information larger than the least important information.

The visual communication is strong as it is clearly presented so that the audience can extract the vital information from the poster, however it is weak in the fact that the audience may find it hard to relate a phone box to the strand and it isn’t very eye-catching from the lack of different colours.

This piece could be improved by including a building or place that is relevant to the strand only so that when people look just at the picture they can see that it has something to do with the strand without having to read the text. Also another improvement could have been that the poster could have used more colour other than the black white and red.

Reflection of own working practices

I believe my time keeping could have been improved because I know I should have blogged lessons and new skills I learnt the day I had them instead of leaving it for a few days and then blogging it, however I did manage to create 2 final pieces of a good quality that I am proud of. Another way I could have improved my time management would be to take the screen shots of what I’m doing at the time instead of at the end by removing layers on illustrator or recreating what I designed. I could have started draft blogs for the longer blogs as I worked on the content instead of waiting till all the content is finished and then beginning to blog it as content can be lost.

My analysis of the brief was  that a poster was to be created using one or more photos taken by myself with specific information that can be used. From my interpretation of the brief I chose from the best of my images the ones that were more linked to the strand and from them I chose one that I felt was the best. As for the text on one of my designs I used only the available text to build the phone box out of.

My research was good as it helped me think of the idea to construct the phone box out of text, however all my research was typographic posters only so all the research had no pictures in which made it difficult for me to incorporate images in my pieces and initial ideas. From my research I concluded that text can be used to create patterns and shapes with the most important information being the biggest and least important text being smaller for the target audience to read first.

I feel that I didn’t really experiment at all with my designs, I learnt some basic techniques with illustrator and used those for my designs. I can increase the amount of experimentation during my project by having more diverse research from which where to get inspiration and influence from.

To show that I achieved the Learning Outcomes I provided pictures and instruction on how I used industry standard software appropriately and to achieve the brief. I discussed why the research I did was influential and useful to achieve the brief using posters, typography and my photos that I took. To improve my achievement of the Learning Outcomes I could have done more research into typography. I could have also increased the amount of screenshots and photos of my ideas developing as well as demonstrating the relationship between research and practice.

Part of the project I enjoyed the most was the design and creation process because I enjoyed my time on the mac altering and changing my design so that it was like my initial idea. I least enjoyed the research process as I wasn’t too sure what to research in the beginning and so more research could have been done until it was too late.

I believe I need to develop my skills of being able to create more initial ideas that are all different and then choosing a design that I can further develop when I’m designing it. I need to develop my creative skills  now so that in later topics I can use them to create a larger option of final ideas.


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