Strand poster creation

To begin with my main approach to this typographic walk poster was to have a phone box from the strand and build the phone box out of type that can only be used on the poster consisting of the title, date and contact information. Although I was building a phone box out of text I was not going to only place the finished build  of the phone box as a stand alone piece as that would be too difficult for the audience to comprehend and so of course I will add a title to the poster along with a date and an information piece.

First i began with one of my images that I had taken of the strand and positioned it so that the phone box was the center piece on the page. I used white boxes to cover up any of the photo that was bleeding over the side of the page just so that I can focus on only the image on the page.

Next using the pen tool I followed the outer edge of both the phone boxes which was quite difficult with all the curves and straight lines that made up the phone box. Using the clipping mask feature I removed the background and so the phone box was main focus. I placed the only text I could have on the poster off to the side of my poster so that when I am constructing my phone box I would use only the text available for the poster.

I began by placing a black background so that the red text will stand out, instead of being unclear on a white background. This will make it easier for any of the target audience to read and also people who will look at the poster. I decided by creating the outside of the phone box with the text provided using the font Gill Sans Regular because the structure of the lettering and for its ease to read. Creating clipping masks I created the top of the phone box with words and so coloured the text using the eyedropper tool to the section that I had created.

Although it would have been obvious from the structure of the phone box what it was I decided to put the phone box sign on the top just to be sure. I began by creating the back of the sign using the pen tool and filling it white and then using Times New Roman to copy the exact font used on actual phone boxes.

Then I added onto the design the window bars that hold the glass in place in the doors and sides of the phone box using the same method of creating rectangles using the pen tool and clipping mask text into the space. Most of the large text in the poster is the key information so when the audience glance at the phone box they can read the key information at the same time.

Next I began by resizing my phone box and placing it in the centre and then placing 2 squares of the same size on each corner in white bleeding off the edge, giving the black background of the phone box a contrast as well as making two good areas for my main text to presented onto. The white areas also make the black area more of the main focus point of the poster where the main image is.

Before starting to add text to my design i began by creating a grid over the whole design and creating it with no fill and changing the colour of the grid of the black area  to white so that they are easily seen for placing text over the top.

I next began by placing the word Typographic at the top of the white area on the line of the grid so that when the audience look at it first when reading the poster. I then placed Walk just underneath also in the white area so it is linked as one word for the audience. The Strand was then placed in the black area of the poster underneath the text in the white area so that the audience will follow the flow of the text gradually getting lower.

To link the main pieces of the title together I placed the word ‘along’ halfway over the black and white area which meant that some of the pieces of the letters O and N were missing so I clipping masked the areas that were missing and coloured them the opposite colour to the background. This linked the title all together so that the audience would be able to read the title fluently.

Next i began by adding the date of the Strand tour onto the poster but kept it smaller that the main title of the poster as the date isn’t the most important thing on the poster overall but is still important. I placed the date in the center of the poster as I wanted to the poster to have 3 tiers of text starting with the title, date then finishing with the further information at the bottom.

Finally I put on the further information text at the bottom of the poster continuing with the step formation like I used for the title at the beginning. The further information text I had in the smallest font size as this is the least important of all the information on the poster. The website is in the white area as this is another key piece of information for the audience to see, I did however make the website slightly larger than the ‘For more information..’ as the website is a key piece of data the audience could require.

When I had finished and began some test prints of the poster I found that from regular paper and printers the words on the left side of the post box were too dark to read, so to improve this I altered the colour of the text so that it was lighter and when my final print was finished there were no errors or mistakes on it.


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