Rockwell Poster Research

This poster here displays the anatomy of the word Typographic in the type face Rockwell. From the poster the audience would be able to learn the anatomy of letters as well as being able to differentiate different typefaces and their characteristics. I like this poster because to the specific audience this can inform and teach them about Rockwell as a typeface and the anatomy of texts.

This Rockwell poster features all the basic information about the typeface including the different was the text can be present as well as the whole alphabet in italics, bold and regular. The poster also features a large foot serif from the top of the poster protruding down, which is being used as a frame that most of the text and headlines are positioned around. There is also a description of the typeface underneath the foot serif describing the characteristics of the typeface.

This poster uses a diagonal grid that positions the words relevant to the origins of the typeface including when it was created, who created it and much more information including a brief description of how it became to be and also the ways the typeface were used. This poster also features some of the glyphs and numbers that this typeface contains. I like this poster as it uses the typeface with the outline of the text which adds more depth to the poster.

This poster is interesting as it  used blocks of text in the Rockwell typeface that are over lapping and crossed over all using the lower case d to create different patterns and shapes. This poster also uses simple colours of blue with black text, on some of the letters the counter of the word has been filled to be similar to the colours of the main word Rockwell in blue.

This poster features another use of some simple colours but this poster has the  whole alphabet and numbers to show anyone looking at the text can see all of the lowercase letters as well as some of the capital letters as an example. The poster itself can be seen to be divided into thirds with the bottom third being coloured blue. The poster has a large lower case a which is one of the key features why Rockwell is so different to other slab serifs.

The main structure of this poster is made up of letters in the typeface arranged as a frame for the alphabet and letters to be positioned around it. There is a description of the typeface in the counter of the Q and also numbers in the bottom of it too and the alphabet in Rockwell in lower and upper case is on the left.. In my opinion this poster is poorly designed as there is too much text on the poster in general and also the colour choices for the poster.

This poster for Rockwell has the name of the typeface at the bottom with a brief description on the right side of the poster. All the colours on the poster are similar with some differences so that the key information stands out against the background. This poster has a frame of the alphabet in Rockwell with lines of the alphabet protruding off and then continuing onto another line. The whole background has letters in the typeface which overlap all over the poster.

This poster displays all the key information about the typeface from a quick glance and it also has a brief description of the history of the typeface as well. This poster does show anyone interested in Rockwell and Typography in general, however because of the positioning of the lettering for the title of the poster it becomes hard to read as a result.

This poster is simple and shows all the different variations of Rockwell as well as descriptive word that can be used to describe the typeface which is good, however this poster gives no other information about the typeface. This would be a good example of the front of the postcard with the key information on the back because of the colours used its eye-catching for the audience and also is well structured because of the squares and formation of the descriptive words.


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