Post card initial ideas

For the first idea I sketched out a capital R and started by placing the key information about the typeface inside of the letter. This was a very basic design which i wouldn’t use as I would have to develop it into more of an interesting design. This design never made it past the initial stage of design because of it’s simplistic design and on a post card there would be too much of a bare area.

The next design was influenced by my research of typographic postcards and has the word Rockwell surrounded by the key information about the typeface at an angle spanning from corner to corner. This is a good design that I think will look more appealing when constructed out of the typeface instead of in this basic form.

The next design was created to be capital letters of Rockwell overlapping showing the slab serif using the opacity tool displaying the features of the letters that make up the work Rockwell. I started designing this on illustrator, however when overlapping the letters it became too hard to read that the letters used made the word Rockwell, resulting in the audience misreading the design.

The bottom design is similar to the design angled from corner to corner with the word Rockwell in the center, however this was designed to have a opaque capital R in the background with the Rockwell family and key information about the typeface surrounding it.

The final design in the center would have letters and numbers in the Rockwell typeface bleeding off the two corners making a frame for the words to be structured around. The key information and characters of the typeface are positioned in a step formation gradually moving towards the bottom right corner of the postcard.


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