Rockwell Poster Creation

Before I began creation of my postcard I researched on the internet colour combinations that work together to use on my design. After viewing numerous combinations I chose a 3 colour mix of black, orange and grey to be used on my design.

 To begin I made the background of my design to be a dark grey which was one of my colors in the colour combination i had chosen. I then placed an angled grid over my background to help with the positioning of the text and to give equal spacing and structure to my design.

I began by placing an orange R in the type face Rockwell in the top corner of my postcard and altered the opacity so that it would let other text more visible underneath and it had a faded look compared to the other text I added next.

I began by placing the Rockwell family around the design in the format they are which will show the audience the variations of the typeface Rockwell. Using the grid I was able to position the text around the main word Rockwell in black well that it fitted around the word. All the text used had to be rotated so that it was correct and fitted on the grid.

I then began adding the other details about Rockwell for example its classification and the creators of the typeface. Additionally I added a border on the top and bottom right and left corners using numbers and some symbols from the glyph tool bleeding off the postcard so that the audience can see how some of them are structured in conjunction with the lettering.

The next thing was to create my back for my design so I looked at generic post cards to get an idea of the structure of postcards and so layout mine in a similar way.

To begin with I used the same colours on the background of the front of my post card on the back also. I placed a normal grid over the top and then divided the back in half using a line I drew with the pen tool coloured the same orange as the text on the front.

I then added in an area large enough for a stamp to be stuck to and also an area for the sender to write a message on, using the grid I was able to position these precisely to that they weren’t unevenly placed when the grid is removed.

One of the main characteristics of the typeface Rockwell is that it has a two-storey lower case a, so I placed this as a background for the main information about the typeface to be place on top of. The key information about the Type conference was placed underneath and using the grid I positioned all of these pieces of type precisely. I think i could have changed the colour of the information of the Type Conference to make it more eye-catching and stand out more. i chose Rockwell for the type face on the back of the post card as it is easy to read and also it shows the audience the diversity and structure of Rockwell through most of the letters used so that they get a better understanding of what the typeface looks like.


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