Post card evaluation and reflection

Visual Communication

The visual communication of the piece meets the needs the brief because both of the post cards show the unique qualities of that typeface and aspect of history with a relevant description on the back of the postcard as well as highlighting the unique history and anatomy of the typefaces used. I chose to create a postcard specific to the roman period when structured lettering was beginning to be used.

The visual communication of the piece fails to meet the brief as it doesn’t highlight the unique qualities of the postcard and the difference in anatomy of other slab serifs and also the blurb could have been more about why the typeface was created and for what purpose. On the other post card I would have like to have used my own example of the typeface instead of taking a photo off the Internet.

The strengths of the visual communication are that on the typeface postcard is that is shows the audience the characteristics of the slab serif as well as the Rockwell family and the key information about the typeface. On the history of type postcard the front shows a photo of a sign that was engraved with Roman Square Capitals using the Latin alphabet that we still use today.

The weaknesses of the visual communication are that for the history of type postcard the front could have been redesigned so that it displayed the process of how Square Capitals are created instead of a photo. The typeface postcard could have used a sentence like ‘The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’ so that the audience could have seen the whole alphabet in that typeface.

The typeface post card I believe could not be misread by any typographers and graphic designers who are the audience as they will have some knowledge about typefaces to be able to understand from the postcard that tis is about the typeface with some information about the typeface on the back. The history of type could be misunderstood by any audience as a historical postcard about the Roman Empire instead of about the evolution of typography.

To improve the history of type post card I would either find or create an image of how the Roman Square Capitals was created and how the anatomies were formed or show the transition from Roman Square Capitals to Latin cursive. Also I would either put all the words together without any spacing or separated words with centered dot to make it more similar to the period of time. To improve the Rockwell post card I would alter the design to highlight the characteristics of the Rockwell typeface on the front of the postcard and also on the back.


Reflection of own working process

 My time keeping started out well because I finished my research and initial ideas in the first week. The design process took longer than I wanted because I kept changing my design and altering it. I also had to create the history of type postcard quickly as I had spent more time on my Rockwell postcard which can be seen when comparing the quality.

My analysis of the brief wasn’t very good as I designed the both the fronts of the postcards, however when creating the descriptions for the back I almost wrote about Roman Square Capitals history instead of why I chose this period of history.

My research was good as I researched the Rockwell typeface in posters and also information about the typeface, then researching about Roman Square Capitals and Roman Cursive as well as general postcard research.

From my research I was able to generate and develop my initial ideas and then form the ideas I had created I developed them to create one final design that I created. I also created the back for my postcard by looking at the research of post cards in general and structured the back from that.

To show I achieved the learning outcomes I conducted large amounts of research into the typeface and also the history of type with the links blogged as well so I can go back and research more or if anyone wants to see where I got my research from. To improve my achievement of the learning outcomes I think I should print off the learning outcomes and look at them every time I design and blog about the topic which will help me achieve the learning outcomes more.

The part of the project I enjoyed the most was the research because I found it interesting to research the history of type and how it evolved from the beginning of reed written text to mass produced text.

I least enjoyed the initial idea phase as I only designed 5 when I wanted to design at least 15 designs so I could develop my designs further. I also spent too long on the design process which meant I had less time to spend on other processes.

The time I worked best was when I was designing my Rockwell postcard, this was the best time I worked because I had the design of the postcard fully planned out and so I just had to create it on Illustrator. To make sure that I always finish parts of the project on time I should always plan out what needs to be done for that day or lesson.

I found it difficult to create a history of type postcard front as it was difficult to find any research that could help me get influence from which resulted in me finding a picture on the internet and using that as the front of the history postcard. To improve the parts I found difficult I could have improved my time management so that I could have experimented with ways to create the front of the history postcard.


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