Subcultures Brief

The Brief

Create a cover and one double page spread for Creative Review. This must depict the subculture’s revival and pay homage to the first flush of that subculture. Be careful to create visual messages that are understood by the appropriate audience. Show that you have tested this.

You should show a significant amount of understanding of the context and manifestations of your chosen subculture both in your sketchbook as well as in the finished piece itself. Why has it occurred and how does this show itself in the style and design of the subculture?

Cover: You must incorporate an image that you have made yourself (in any media) and some wording giving a lead into the article. Consider your choice of typography carefully and relate this to your findings about the style of Creative Review.

Double Page Spread: You must check the style of typical Creative Review articles first and make sure that your design is appropriate. You may “borrow” a text about the sub-culture from the internet (giving the reference for the source in your sketchbook). You may use found images that are appropriate or you may make images yourself. Found images must be referenced within the page and must be of high resolution (300+dpi. No gifs). You will be down-graded for using low resolution images.

Make sure you know the both the format of Creative Review in terms of size and layout, as well as the kinds of style regularly used.

Specific Learning Outcomes

Please refer to the Module Guide on Moodle for specific learning outcomes against which you will be assessed. You will receive feedback on this project but grading will take place once the whole of the Visual Communication portfolio is submitted.

Research and development

You will be expected to have researched and made analysis of a range of Design Week covers and articles.

You should also show evidence of having investigated various processes, techniques and media appropriate for a Design Week cover illustration and double page spread.

You will also be expected to demonstrate that you are beginning to be aware of theories of visual communication as they relate to subcultures, and that you can discuss the social, political and cultural context of sub-cultural style (in at least one case study). You should evaluate your work in progress using visual communication theory to do so.

As well as evidencing experimentation, evaluation and reflection at all stages of the project, you will also be expected to complete a Visual Communication Evaluation and a Reflective Practice Evaluation at the end of the work.

Date Set: 20thth November 2012

Submission Date: Friday 14th December 2012


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