First use of Indesign

For this project we will be using Indesign for our double page spread and front cover for our own choice is subcultures. Indesign has a similar layout and tools to Illustrator so learning the basics wasn’t to hard as a result.  To begin with we wanted to create a double page spread with a preset cityscape as the background. The cityscape was was imported into Indesign with it bleeding off the page.

After placing the cityscape into Indesign with the guidelines over the top we began by starting simple with the headline ‘headline for something’ and altered the colour as well to get used to the basics. We then made a block for the sell of the magazine making is bigger than the normal article size. We filled in the rest of the article with latin using the ‘Fill with placeholder text’ which can be used to see how the information in the article will look. I then moved the alignment of the text on the first page down so that they were level and because all the text is linked when i moved the alignment down all the other text in all the other columns moved dow as well. Then I made the first letter of the first paragraph into a drop capital that’s 3 lines deep and also the first letter of the quote.

I then had to change the shape of the text so that it is positioned above the roofs of the buildings. To begin with I moved all the text up so that it was out the way and with the pen tool simply followed the the shape of the cityscape and then changed the text rapping so that it was 5mm away from the line and gave it no fill or stroke so that it wouldn’t be seen when printed. I repeated this step to make space for the quote as well and added a drop capital to it as well.







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