Magazine Layout Internet Research

For this piece of research I searched on the internet for interesting and inspiring magazine layouts to help me create a page layout that is eye-catching and also easy to read. From this research I will look at layout of the images and text so that I can develop my double page spread layout knowledge. A pattern in these double page spreads is that most of them have an image covering the first page with the article on the next, with drop capitals included for the beginning sentence. Most of the text is positioned in the bottom two thirds of the second page split into two paragraphs. At the base of the double page spreads there are always the page number and the name of the magazine that the article was featured in.

carbon connection From this design you can see that half the page has an image on it with a structured template over the top drawing the audiences eye to the centre of the image as well as the headline as well. The text has been positioned so that it is formed around the template shape to give the article a more interesting shape. The use of the coloured drop capital brings the reader’s eye to the beginning of the main article, the coloured letters  are the same typeface which are thicker than the typeface used throughout the article to bring the reader’s attention to the article.

breaking new groundFrom this layout you can see that the background image is a cityscape that covers the whole double page spread with what looks like marks where the image has been torn. From the double page spread the headline to the article is featured on the first page as well as a sub heading inside of the torn areas which is where all the text is positioned. All the text in the article is coloured white to stand out against that background, some of the main text is coloured yellow so that it catches the eye of the reader. Key words and sentences are in a different font so that it makes it stand out to the audience.

a piece of pierceThis double page spread has all the images in black and white with the main image of the of the artist covering the whole first page with a quote just under his face, the other half of the double page spread is coloured to look similar to the first page. The headline of the article is coloured yellow so that it stands out against the dark grey background as well as the drop capital used in the main body of text and also the quotation marks and the margin next to it are also yellow which bring the reader’s eye to the article. Two images are on the bottom right of the article on top of each other also in black and white so that they match the other image and background. The main article is split into two large bodies of text which are coloured white so that they can be read easily against the dark grey background.

ducks and hard placeThis article has two images split down the middle with the headline spread over the double page spread, this can make the headline harder to read as it could be too close to the centre where the crease of the page is. the images used are a lake where ducks would be and a dried up river bed which raises the article’s point about  how ducks habitats are drying up. The main article to the body of text has the first word drop capped. The headline has a logo in the top corner so that the reader can instantly look at the logo and know the article has something to do with birds.

reedsThis article doesn’t have a headline but does have a large drop capital that spans one the columns of the page, the letter bleeds onto the opposite page over the image that is spread onto the whole page. the drop capital is also coloured yellow so that it can stand out against the image and behind the text. Similar to most articles the main text was split into two columns with a sell above it. There is a large sell at the top of the article which could be used to replace the headline to the article.

keeping trackThis double page spread has the image of the structure spreading over the two pages with the headline and there is a sell on the first page and the rest of the article on the other page. The beginning of the article has the first word drop capped so that it stands out. The whole double page spread is all black and white with some of the key words and some of the sell to be coloured yellow so that they stand out.

eyes in teh skiesThis article has the a large image covering both pages which is being used to divide up the the double page spread which I like however i think this could be difficult to find a picture to span the double page spread without it pixelating. The headline and sell of the article are in the top left with most of the text is black apart form key words that are red, there are also large arrows that draw the reader’s eye towards the headline and the main article.

mister momkai


This magazine spread has an image of the person the article is about featured on the first page with some filters placed over the top to bring more attention of the reader to the image, the article is featured onto the bottom two third of the second page with the sell above it and a large headline near the top of the second page. There isn’t much colour on this double page spread and so I think to improve this i would include a drop capital on the article the same colour as the filters placed on the image.













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