Double page spread ideas

After concluding my research I began by sketching the inside double page spread layout. After looking at my research I wanted to create a similar design with an image covering the first page and the rest of the article featured on the opposite page. To begin with i want to place the work yakuza written in Katakana over the text and have the text around it, however this idea for the inside spread didn’t get used as I only wanted text on one page so the word would have had to have been small and so would have been difficult to read. I chose to place the calligraphy down the side as it is similar to some Japanese scripts and bodies of text that feature lines of text, I also chose to place the Yakuza title down the opposite page so that people can link that the calligraphy meant Yakuza, I will make this title either CF Samurai Bob, OSAKA Sans Serif or a calligraphy style. The image on the first page will be altered to bring the readers eye to the tattoo featured on that page and any other images used will have the same effect used. Another idea was to have an image bleeding over both the inside pages, however it was difficult to find any relevant pictures that wouldn’t pixelate when being used so this idea didn’t make it into the final design or design stages. The text used will be split into at least 2 columns with a drop capital included. There will also be minute details that will be added to the finished design so that it is similar to a creative review such as the page numbers and piece of text at the base that has the name of the magazine and the month that that issue was released.

inside cover 001











































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