For my subculture i wanted to include calligraphy into my designs because i find it interesting and would be a good addition to have on my front cover or in my spread. I knew that I wanted to write the word Yakuza in Katakana and so found a brush and some black ink and began to try to produce some calligraphy for my magazine.

Calligraphy test 001

To begin with I began by trying to reproduce the words by hand, however this didn’t really work as the characters were not the same shape or shape and I couldn’t get the correct flicks and curls that were present in the picture. After a few attempts I began to get the correct shape and size for the second and third characters but i wasn’t getting them as good as i wanted.

calligraphy test 2 001

After some unsuccessful attempts I decided I would create a stencil to use to to create the characters perfectly and give them a more authentic calligraphy effect. stencil 1 001

After using the stencil a few time I was happy with the results that I was getting because they looked as if they had just be draw. once i had let everything dry I looked at the end results and was pleased with how they came out but when I looked at the stencil itself in my opinion it looked that the best out of all of my attempts.

Yakuza best scan 001


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