Environment Brief


In this project you are to consider editorial design, looking especially at the combinations of image and typography. You are to spend time looking at grids and how they are used to underpin the layout of pages for magazines and books.

You are to take a series of your photographs that fit the topic Environment.

How you choose to interpret this word is up to you. It may be that you make a series of images specifically about a particular environment or space, such as a room or home; or it may be about The Environment, including weather or issues of ecology.

You should present in your sketch book at least 20 photographs.


The Brief

1) You are to design layouts for two double page spreads for a fictional magazine called, Photography Now. The layouts should showcase your own photography on the Environment topic. How many images you use in your spreads is up to you. The format of these pages is  200mm x 200mm per single page. You may design in any creative style that you wish, based on your research findings (which you must evidence). You must use only Quark or InDesign only for layout.

2) You will need to have created a body of research and planning for your photos. You must show links between this and your editorial layout. You will need to have a body of photography work completed fairly quickly. You may use stock photos while planning your dummy layouts; but your final must contain your own imagery.

3) You will need to have created a body of research in which you explore exemplars of editorial design. You should try to make analysis, using overlays, of the underlying grid structure of some of these. You should also comment on styles used. You must evidence links between this and your layout.

4) You must also write and layout within your spreads, a piece of text of between 200 and 400 words. This will be a personal justification of how you approached your photography. You should consider and use appropriate application of typography to set this text.


Specific Learning Outcomes

Please refer to the Module Guide on Moodle for specific learning outcomes against which you will be assessed. Please make sure that you allow yourself opportunities to present evidence of having achieved these in your sketchbooks and final pieces.


Research is a key component of this module. The research you should present must include preparatory studies for your photographs; research on layout styles and techniques, including grids; specific research into the magazine you are designing for.

 Set December 14th 2012 (over Reading Week and Christmas break)

Submission Date: Friday 25th January 2013


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