Double Page Spread Research

For this research I will look at the structure of these double page spreads by focusing on the positioning of the images and text used and this research should develop my use of grids to help provide structure and a coherent layout for my article.  From this research I hope to use what I have learnt to create multiple interesting initial ideas for my environment double page spread.

This first double page spread that I will be looking at has a background that bleeds onto both pages that represents a timeline, which is what this article is about, the spread features an image in the center of the page which is in the crease of the page making the image hard to see which affects how well the target audience will understand the article or whether at a glance the image will attract the audiences attention. The text of the article has been positioned in the first third of the page in two columns with an image placed underneath.

From this magazine spread you can see that the images are the main focus of this spread with the text being positioned around the base of the page with the images being used to separate the text. The spread uses a turquoise colour for the sell and key headings for the article. With the headline being placed over one of the images it makes it easier to see for the audience to read because of the colour usage and positioning.

This magazine is structured so that the text is featured in the spaces left by the architectural structure, this provides black spaces for the headline which has been split into 2 modern fonts and also some pictures of architecture in modern art. The text of the article has been split into three paragraphs that are formed around the image of what looks like a futuristic car which i’m not sure what that has to do with architecture or modern art. The article has a drop capital at the beginning of the article with a sell above it in a larger font for the audience to read.magazine_layout_page_2

This double page spread has the been split into four columns which features two drop capitals which could  be changed as having two drop capitals makes it difficult for the audience to follow the structure of the page. The sell of the spread is featured on the opposite page which could be  repositioned onto the other page to make it easier for the audience to understand what the article is about. The top of the spread has a banner featured across the top which contains some pictures and the headline of the article which could be altered because the headlines is smaller than the drop capitals which causes the audiences to look at the drop capitals in the article instead of the headline.

For this packaging double page spread there is a clear grid that has been used for the structure of the pages. The columns have been placed in the grid with the images at the top of the article with one of the images spanning two columns. The headline, drop capital and quotes are all the same colour as this is the colour of the key information. There is a large space in the center of the spread for the crease of the magazine so that all the information is easy to read and none is hidden in the crease.

This double page spread is has been split to that one image bleeds onto both page with the white space of the image to have the text of the article in it. The text has been split into two columns with the headline of the article breaking up the article, the main colour of the text is black similar to the picture with a similar colour to the sign in the headline. A grid has been used on the opposite page with the text and headline on because of the structure of the article. A unique drop capital has been used which is similar to the sign on for the shop. To improve this spread I would add a sell to the article in a similar colour to the sign.

This spread uses a grid which is used to make a structure for the images and text, however the columns on the other page is a different size which doesn’t seem to match, the only reason the text on the opposite page has been placed into two larger columns is because of the size and positioning of the images so the designer will have to go back and redesign the layout of the page so that its similar to the first page making it clearer for the audience.

This spread has an image of Kid Cudi bleeding into both pages with the headline and sell featured in opposing colours that are used for key information and drop capitals. Use of the grid made sure the columns were all the same width and the positioning of the image in the bottom corner. The caption to the image that bleeds onto both pages needs to be moved slightly so that it isn’t hidden in the crease.


This double page spread has the main text in the centre with a frame created using the grid as a way to position the frame and give the spread more structure. The drop capital in this article has been placed over the text and its opacity has been altered so that it can be seen through to read the text underneath. The main colours of the spread are black white and red which is used to highlight key information as well as the frame surrounding the information. There are three large columns which have all the text and images featured inside.



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