What is Ideology?

An Ideology is a system of beliefs and ideas that constitute one’s frame of mind and actions.

Where do people get their ideologies from?

Most people gain and develop their ideologies from the people around them and also influences such as media.

Why do graphic designers need to understand different ideologies? 

To be able to communicate with the target audience better.

Binary Opposites

Jack and the bean stalk

big vs small

giving vs theft

good vs evil

rick vs poor

obedience vs disobedience

life vs death


jenny_saville_brandedHello-Boys-campaign-with-Eva-Herzigovaposter-a1-charity-work Together_British PP700-1





Jenny Savil – Branded

light vs dark

ugly vs pretty

big vs small

clothed – unclothed

Wonderbra – Hello boys

fat vs thin

light vs dark

clothed vs not clothed


light vs dark

happy vs unhappy

charitable vs uncharitable



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