Retouching  images in Photoshop can be the best way to remove or add content to images i.e. reflections, glare and unwanted marks. To remove unwanted areas you can use either the clone tool or the patch tool to copy an area that you want to use to cover or alter the unwanted marks.

Picture 24

To test both the patch tool and the clone tool I had to remove the footsteps in the snow. To make sure that the areas covered blend perfectly without there being a clear mark that the area has been obviously covered. When i was using both tools I found that the patch tool worked better than the clone tool because the patch tool could cover more area than the clone tool.

footprints-in-snow  At the bottom of the image with the footsteps removed you can clearly see where I used the clone tool but for the rest of the image I used the patch tool which looks better because it doesn’t look as if the image is out of focus or blurry.

Picture 25


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