Initial Ideas

For my initial ideas I looked at the structure of my research and from that created grids that went with each double page spread. After creating grids for the research spreads I went about creating my initial ideas on paper with the grids that i had created for them on tracing paper so that I can place the grid over the top and structured the initial ideas from there. I also added onto the design and grid the crease of the page so that I can see where to place the images that I have available without loosing any of the images key features to the crease. I found that using the tracing paper gave my initial ideas the structure that my two double page spreads need straight away from the design process. I made some of the designs symmetrical so that the pages would be structured similarly and help link the pages.

initials 1 001

initial grids 001

Design 1

For my first design I used the golden third approach with the image bleeding onto both pages with an area left on the first page for the headline to be placed, the sell would be placed in the bottom right corner of the second page to be symmetrical with the headline. For the second pages I made it so there were two symmetrical areas dow the crease of the page for images as well as another area for the text and another image.


Design 2

Symmetrically the images look similar because of the second and third pages being the same with text in both columns and an image on the corresponding page, this however meant that there would be a small amount of text on both pages because of such a small amount of text available for use. The headline was placed in the top left corner of the first page so that its the first thing the audience see when they open the magazine to those pages.

Design 3

For my third design i placed the headline and sell on the second page  with an image in between them breaking them apart and left the first page open for an image at the top and text in two columns underneath. The second spread was to have an image bleeding onto the first with a third of the page for text in columns to be placed, however because of the word count restraint this design would be difficult to produce.

Design 4

For this idea i had designed it so that the text on both pages wrapped around the image giving the image a sort of frame with images covering the first and last pages in the spread. the headline and sell would be place over the top of the image on the first page probably in a rectangle which has the opacity altered so that the audience can still see the image underneath.  This design leaves the most open space which can be quite effective instead of overloading the reader with a busy page.

Design 5

For my fifth design I had an images placed on the second page bleeding off onto the first with a third left for the headline and sell. For the other page I placed an image to cover the whole of the last page, also I had to pictures placed so that they were diagonal to each other with text in the spaces. I think I could alter this so that the page had more structure and wasn’t so full up so that there is space without anything in to break up the pages.

Design 6

For the final design I chose to have three large images on a page each; on the first the headline and sell would be placed at the top and bottom of the page, For the other two pages I would have text placed over the top of the image, however on the third page it would be images in the small spaces and text wrapping around the images. For the fourth page I wasn’t certain what to do with it so I left it blank.

Final piece idea

final initial 001


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