Final Piece Creation

To begin making my Final piece I started by looking through my images that would best work with my grid and final piece structure. To begin with I place the image of the room onto the page, however I didn’t like the look because of the colour of the wall clashed with the white space left for the headline and sell. So I began by  moving the image into Photoshop and cutting out the wall and then filling the area with the same colour of the wall with the eye dropper. I also altered the saturation of the image to so that the greens stood out against the opposing colours.

Picture 28

I then began by placing the headline at the top of the page using the grid system I had designed for this piece, I then altered the alignment of the of the head line so that it would stand out against the left edge of the page. After finalising the positioning of the headline I began by placing the sell at the bottom of the page in italic leaving an area of clean space for there to be a pause for  the audience when looking over the article. The sell has its alignment to the right so that it opposes the headline and so looks interesting when glancing over the pages, however it can be overlooked so making the spaces at the ends more clear so that it opposes the headline more. I also coloured the headline to the various greens in the image to link the images and the headline more; page numbers were also added at the base of the pages but I didn’t place it on the opposing page because it was too dark.

Picture 9

For all the images I altered the saturation to bring out the colours as well as positioning the images so that the unwanted areas are not in view making the key features of the images. I made sure that the columns of text are the same height as the sell to link the pages together as well as having the back of the page coloured the same as the first page to match the walls. The spacing between the images is the same as well as the space between the paragraphs using the grid.

Picture 8


After doing some research into image captions I used created a background with the text over the top with an altered opacity, I was going to place the captions on top of the images but I found that it looked better without the captions being placed over the top. Placing the captions in to the open area meant that there was less space breaking up the page.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 13.04.53


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