Book Cover Brief

The Brief

Design covers for  Penguin-type paperback books.

This should include front cover, spine and back cover.

You will be given the wording and blurbs and any other details, on the day of each session.

These will be standard Penguin paperback size so that you may provide yourself with old paperbacks in order to make mock ups of the books at the end of the session. So you will need to take measurements of your mock-up book and make a cover to fit. You are advised to run a test print to check that the format is correct before you begin to design.

You may use your own or found imagery, BUT remember that this is a typographic module and your grades will mainly be dependent on the ways in which you demonstrate your knowledge and application of type. Grades will focus on how and why you have applied typography.

You should evidence research into (fiction and non-fiction) book jackets in general, examining application of type and imagery, including presentation of blurbs. This may be worked on before the practical book jacket days.

Specific Learning Outcomes

Please refer to the Module Guide on Moodle for specific learning outcomes against which you will be assessed. Please make sure that you allow yourself opportunities to present evidence of having achieved these in your sketchbooks and final pieces.

You will NOT receive a grade for this project yet but will do so when the Graphic Design and Type portfolio is submitted in May. You will have a chance to re-work the book cover if necessary.


Submission Date:

Feb 1st 2013  by 3pm

Sancha de Burca, Tim Bones


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