Greek Styled Typography

For the title of the book cover I wanted to find a typeface that was easy to read for the audience/buyer but also when looked at could also be instantly identifiable as a Greek/Roman text. I started my search looking through the generic typefaces on Illustrator but couldn’t find any typefaces that really stood out apart from TRAJAN PRO, however I wanted some more variety than just one simple typeface so I looked on the internet on After some simple searching I found a few typefaces that I will consider using. 

Picture 15

The first typeface I saw was simply called ‘Greek’ which had altered characters instead of the regular characters. this typeface isn’t what I would use on my cover as it’s too Greek stereotype because of the use of the Greek lettering to be used as modern-day lettering. This typeface also because of the altered lettering I believe will draw the eye of the audience/buyer away from the images used, or the audience will look at the typeface and not take the book seriously as it may have been printed for children.

Picture 14

The next typeface I found was ‘SPQR’ which is a Roman and is an initialism from a Latin phrase, Senātus Populusque Rōmānus (“The Senate and People of Rome”), however even though it was Roman I liked the effect of the marks that were on the font, but when I applied this to my design I found that the marks were actually holes in the text that when I made the font larger the holes became larger as well which didn’t look good when the title was the desired size.

Picture 13My last font I found was called ‘Archeologicaps’ which is the font I used in the end as it’s clear to read, isn’t too over the top with Greek characters but also has the aesthetics that the audience/buyer will be able to look and and instantly identify as a Greek/Roman typeface.


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