Book 1 initial ideas

To begin with I started by looking back at my research and at the myths that would be featured in the book.  After some research I found that a key Greek feature in their pottery and other architecture that was the Greek key design, for this it would be used as a border on my book designs to make the cover more instantly identifiable as a Greek book. From the myths I chose to select the most common creatures and heroes that the audience can look at and know what the book is about. I chose Medusa as most people who do not know the content of the myths and legends have heard of her and know the basic story. Most of the designs I had sketched out were to have an image of a mythical creature’s head bleed of onto both covers and the spine. The second design is a simple design with a Medusa head as the key image with the text positioned around it, this design is more reliant on typography matching the brief requirements.

Book 1 initial ideas 001


After some more research I decided to make the cover of the book similar to the greek vases, for this i will have to find or create people and creatures in the myths and legends to be placed on the cover as well as typefaces that I can use for the design.


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