Greek Myths and Legends Cover process

To begin with I started by placing a couple of pictures of Greek vases outside the area I will be working on so that I can look back and keep getting inspiration. Using the eyedropper tool I obtained the same colour as the vases which is similar to a deep orange. Using the line tool I stenciled over the top of a found image of a Greek key design that I will use as borders for the top and bottom of my cover.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 17.58.29

After finishing the border and the main cover colour similar to Greek vases I began by placing the imagery on the cover. The images that I used were from dafonts in the  “Dingbat” section. After scrolling through all the different images I chose a couple with i like as a Greek soldier riding toward the other troops, however I altered the Greek on horseback by adding in a spear and also placing a circle over the top of the shield and adding in the octopus sigil on the shield. I used the Greek key pattern as the ground for the people to stand on. I then placed an image of a Medusa head at the top of the back cover and also on the spine which I will use to break up the title and authors name.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 17.59.50

For the title I began by finding another typeface on Dafonts called Archeologicaps which has some Greek characters in incorporated which means that the audience can see the typeface and know the book has something to do with Greece. I placed the title close to the spine right aligned at the top space. I then added in the author’s name underneath the image of the horse in the same typeface as the title. The title was larger than the author’s name because of the space provided and to be eye-attracting to the audience. After creating a grid i placed the blurb onto the back cover   inside the grid in the typeface TRAJAN PRO which is a similar typeface that can be identified by the audience as Roman/Greek. For all the texts I altered the spacing and distance between lines altering the leading.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 17.46.31


After finishing my book cover I did some test prints and got advice and altered the size of the Medusa head at the top of the back cover making it smaller. I also moved the two men on the back cover away from the spine to make space for the barred code and ISBN number. After some advice I altered the title of the book so that each word was on its individual line and centred the words. I then altered the colouring of the penguin logo so that it stood out against the background colour. The text on the spine has also been made smaller similar to other books. I added the ISBN number above the barred code in Arial so that it matched other ISBN numbers that I had seen in my research.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 17.44.54


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