Feel Good Drinks Co. Brief

The Challenge

Because we love seeing new ideas we’ve given 2 briefs below. Brief #1 is focused on pack design. Brief #2 has a broader scope with the challenge of raising brand awareness. So let your creative taste buds be tickled and take your pick (if you’re feeling very industrious, we won’t stop you doing both!)

Brief #1 – A new look for Feel Good

We think our pack designs look good. The designs are simple, colourful and impactful on shelf, the brand name is clear and most people get the fact that we are offering tasty, healthy drinks.

However there is a risk that we’re being a little modest with our communication of some the main reasons to drink Feel Good eg no added sugar and 100% natural ingredients. We also want to ensure that we strike the right balance between the communication that our drinks are healthy and having label designs which makes people smile and feel good.

We’re big fans of simple, uncluttered pack design, we like what we’ve got but recognise that the best designs are constantly evolving. The supporting information included in our project pack shows how our designs have evolved over the last 10 years, we’re up for change and would love to see some fresh ideas.

Brief #2 – Make the nation Feel Good

The biggest opportunity in our business is to raise awareness of our brand. We know that when someone tries one of our drinks, they’ll give it a big thumbs up.The trouble is, currently only 2 out of 5 of our target market are aware of Feel Good Drinks when shown a picture of our bottle.

That’s where you come in! We are looking for creative ideas for a national communication campaign to raise awareness of Feel Good Drinks. We need you to think big – we want to see ideas that stop people in their tracks and make them feel good, an ear to ear grin kind of good.

The communication objectives are really simple: people need to know our brand name, what our drinks look like and that our drinks are choc-full of tasty goodness. We want the communication to be unique, memorable and very feel good. We’re up against some soft drinks giants with very big pockets, so be brave, be cheeky if you want, but above all be noticed!

Creative Requirements

Brief #1 please focus on the label designs rather than the bottle shapes. We’d
like the ideas to focus on our still and sparkling juice ranges but ideally you’d also demonstrate how your idea could be translated to our other ranges. We’ve supplied the current brand typeface and logo, but please feel free to change, challenge and be creative.

Brief #2 we have a completely open mind as to which communication channels
we use for the national campaign. We like outdoor advertising because it can be confident and impactful,TV has also worked well for us in the past. We’re big fans of digital, our Facebook andTwitter family is growing quickly and provides the opportunity to spread our message virally. Whether an idea works across a number of media channels will be one of the judgement criteria, so get stretching!

Feel free to incorporate the Feel Good Drinks logo and images of our bottles into your work where appropriate. For the communication campaign we’d like you to focus on our small bottle still and sparkling juice drinks. Images of these can be found in the project pack.

Target Audience

16-34 year old adults who are happy to pay a little bit more for a healthy, tasty soft drink that isn’t full of junk.They are an up-beat, look-on-the-brightside, sociable bunch, who like to work hard but always find time for some feel good fun and games.

Tone of voice

PMA people – you can’t call yourself Feel Good Drinks and be miserable!The message should always be friendly, fun, and just a little bit cheeky. Please don’t get all serious on us now. It’s about talking to people on their level, making a connection and making them smile.


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