Feel Good Drink Research

Information from YCN material

A Little Bit About Us

We are a relatively small, privately owned company which makes tasty, healthy drinks. The business was started by Dave, Chris and Steve in 2002 with a range of 3 juice drinks in 375ml glass bottles. We now offer 5 ranges including Feel Good Kids, Feel Good still & sparkling juices, Feel Good non alcoholic cocktails and Feel Good vitamin waters.

The “golden rules” we stuck to since the start of the business are that we only use 100% natural ingredients and never add sugar to our drinks. One major challenge we have is that consumers aren’t aware that almost all of the supposedly healthy drinks have lots of added sugar or artificial ingredients.

As the name suggests, our brand is all about making people feel good. We keep things simple and quite light hearted, after all we’re not rocket scientists we just make tasty, healthy drinks. We do try to do our bit and have a Feelgoodness Days volunteering scheme for our team, along with our weekly Feel Good Fridays and our Feel Good Fund for good causes.

Feel Good Drinks Co is an independent soft drinks company based in theUnited Kingdom. It was originally founded by three executives from Coca Cola UK, and the products are now sold in over 20,000 outlets in 14 different countries, including in supermarkets and bars.

It produces various ranges of drinks – still, sparkling juice, 100% juice, and a kids range that are made up of 2/3 juice and 1/3 water. All products contain no added sugar, and some have added Vitamin C.



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