Feel Good Drink Co. container analysis

Looking at the traditional fruit juice bottle the main logo for the company is featured in the center of the label as well as the mascot being incorporated into the actual bottle to stimulate the buyers touch senses. The label and lid of the bottle are both white making the colour of the juice stand out as well as giving the label a simple and clean look. The colour behind the logo featured on the bottle is similar to the fruit that are used to make the juice meaning that each different flavour of juice has a different background colour of the logo. The font used on the logo the Feel Good Drinks Co. own font that they had created for their logos and website; a simple almost hand written font is used to describe what the flavour of the drink is and it is also used to tell the audience that the drink has no added sugar.



This is another type of packaging that the company use which has the same characteristics as the first container with the logo being a similar colour to the fruit used and the same fonts used also. On this packaging it has how much of the  specific pieces of fruit are contained in the juice, this helps the buyer understand how healthy and what is in the juice accompanied by the no added sugars so the audience know its all natural ingredients. This packaging is also recyclable which can be another selling point for the product if the audience recycles.

Feel Good Kids Range


These bottles have label with the logo featured on the front with the ingredients above. As with the other products the labels are white to represent clean, innocent and bright; the logos colour has been changed to match the colour of the juice like the other products. The shape and positioning of the label is that unlike the other labels the logo is at the bottom of the label with the ingredient information above it. There is a tab  that is covering the lid so that people know whether the bottle has been opened and also the tab has information on it that the juice has no added sugar.



Here are some non-alcoholic drinks that the company have created; the colours are all different to match the drink that they are covering with matching bottle caps. The logo without the mascot in the center has been featured on the bottle coloured according to the fruit used in the drink. The shapes and background of the bottles are designed to be similar to the ingredients or what the drink is served with. The design of the bottle is made to be bright and colourful and so as are seen as playful and eye-catching.




From all the research I have done about the Feel Good Drinks Co. labels and packaging I have found that there are 2 logos that can be used to represent the company and also the colour of the packaging depends upon the flavour of the juice inside. Feel Good Drinks Co. want to communicate their message that the fruit juices and smoothies they produce are healthy, with no added sugar and are one of the drinkers five a day. Feel Good Drinks Co. try to communicate the healthiness of their juices in their packaging as well as the ingredients that are used in the smoothies and juices.





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