Other drinks companies container analysis


Innocent smoothies are similar to Feel Good Drinks Co. because they convey the healthiness and natural goodness of their drinks. Both companies use simple colourful designs and both use a mascot to help communicate their message to a younger audience. Both companies are owned by Coca-Cola executives so are similar with the same message although Innocent is currently a larger company. The Innocent drinks company uses biopolymers in their bottles so that they regrade quicker in land fill than normal generic plastics used in other bottles; this increases the chance of environmentally friendly conscious people buying Innocent drinks to help the environment.


Innocent bottles labels are altered for different flavours; different logos and colours are used to differentiate the flavours and different types of drink. The design of the logos are in a simple design similar to the feel good drinks company logo and label design. Feel Good Drinks and Innocent both try to be colourful and eye-catching to try and get buyers to buy their product over regular fuit juices and smoothies.

62852011_HInnocent places what ingredients are used to make the smoothies on the back of the label so that the buyer can see visually what is contained; this is better than just having a written list of the ingredients because the buyer can see what in it with a quick glance. Innocent and Feel Good Drinks also have how many five-a-day their product contains but Feel Good has how many pieces of fruit are used.










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