App Icon Research Speedometer

After researching Speedometer are mostly made up of gauges with speed differentials marking the speed of the vehicle. Some feature animals and pictograms representing the speed of the vehicle and others are just blank. As a result of the size of the app icon it is clear that small details such as animals or numbers will be problematic so keeping the icons simple but clear be better than creating an app that is cluttered and could be misunderstood. The colours used for the speedometer are more metallic silver and blacks because the most common place to see speedometer is in a car so that modern cars have modern metallic gauges. For my design I will certainly be using a speedometer with a face, although a digital speedometer could also be another option that I could design for my initial ideas and then decide which of the designs I think will be the clearest and most recognisable by the audience.

black-speedometer-icon-full images-1 images-2 images speedometer_icon_(psd)_b


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