App Icon Research Thermometers

After researching thermometers on the app store and on the internet it is clear that all the app iconography feature an actual image of a thermometer with a plus or minus, also there are other apps that feature a temperature gauge instead of the thermometer. Colour is also another factor to consider when designing a thermometer app icon; reds and oranges are the obvious colours to be used on a thermometers or blues, however because these apps are in a series they should all be similar which could be colour, shape or other smaller details. The colour of the apps themselves is very important because they will need to stand out against other apps for people to buy them as well as being coloured so that they can be linked to their use. All of these apps have used a thermometer because this is the apps function accompanied by the gradient use of colour to signify temperature. Some of the thermometer have the measuring lines on the sides of the thermometers which add another level to the recognisability of the thermometers. I think the use of pictograms and not text is the best way to represent these apps to an audience because the apps need to be instantly identifiable and the audience need to know their use.

3727975-round-thermometer-icon-or-button--illustration 15817489-thermometer-icon 15926529-thermometer-icon images-1 images-2 images


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