App Icon Research Decibel meter

Most of the decibel meter apps that I researched all had the traditional decibel gauges on them or an image of the handheld digital decibel meters. This app will be similar to the speedometer with the gauge and needle being the same colour to bring the apps together. Musical symbols can also be used to create to be used on the app or a volume symbol. The use of a human ear for the app icon could also be a choice for the icon because decibel meters are used to measure noise pollution. when designing the decibel meter I will either use the common decibel gauge which most people will be able to tell what the app is. The traditional decibel gauge could be used or other pictograms related to noise such as a volume symbol, headphones or some ear plugs could be used in my initial ideas to get an idea. Most of these images of decibel meters feature either a face or a scale of how loud the noise is which could be incorporated into the app icon design or onto the page of the app.

DownloadedFile-1 images images-1 images-2 DownloadedFile-2


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