App Icon Research Anemometer

An anemometer is a device for measuring wind speed, and is used in meteorology or aerodynamics. When I researched  anemometer there were no existing apps available which made it difficult, however looking at anemometer displays the app could either feature the traditional anemometer or a modern anemometer. Both the traditional and the modern are going to be difficult to understand what the app is about for people who aren’t looking for an anemometer or know what the measuring instruments are. Wind turbines, fans and other anemometers would be the obvious choice for the anemometer app icon, however other pictograms could be used such as a cloud with a face blowing wind or a wind sock used in aviation; there are multiple choices for the anemometer, however it will always come back to being a clear enough pictogram that the audience know instantly the the app measures wind speed.

DownloadedFile-2 DownloadedFile-1 images-2 images images-3


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