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Altimeters or Altitude meters are used to gauge the altitude of an object above a fixed level. The measurement of altitude is called altimetry, which is related to the term bathymetry, the measurement of depth underwater. Altimeters are used mostly in hiking and in aircraft to determine altitude, with the use of a barometer people can work out with the use of a map the distance they have travelled and also how high above sea level  if in mountainous terrain. From these apps that I am researching I can see that mountains are used as the main pictograms used; some feature measurement lines on the side so the audience can clearly see that it measures distance above sea level. Most of the apps o researched were a grey or earth colour to match mountain colours or the colours the person will so when using the altimeter outside hiking. Some apps are really basic and just feature a group of triangles in front of each other to represent mountains which is the most simple form of pictograms there is. other apps feature snow-capped mountains which are more instantly recognisable and some feature pictograms of people doing tasks of what the app is used for. For my design I will use mountains as my pictograms because they are so easily known to the people buying the app.  

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