Initial Ideas and Development





For the thermometer initial ideas it was either the obvious choice of a thermometer in use with a measuring scale on the side so that it looked exactly like the traditional thermometers; another idea I was to make all the apps digital icons, however finding a typeface that was legible when looking at the app at the actual size it was made it difficult to pursue this idea so I decided to not design the rest of the apps. the traditional thermometer was a clear choice, however I knew that there could be more inventive and clearer pictograms that people could look at and understand what the app is used for. The idea of having an ice-cube and a match to symbolize hot and cold, but this wouldn’t fit onto an app 57 pixels x 57 pixels. the use of the ‘or’ was removed as it took up too much space and also wasn’t very easy to read when looking at the app icon in its actual size. I decided to divide the app with a simple diagonal line which split the fire and the ice and made it clear it was one or the other.

Picture 33 Picture 34








For the speedometer it was clear from my research that the clear choice was a speed dial with numbers placed all around them, although I wanted to do something different so with some researching I found examples of digital and more moderns speedometer and designed the app icons form there. The first icon is one of the newer speedometer I found when researching with some aspects taken form the traditional speedometer; this speedometer icon would have featured the overall speed in the centre of the dial as well as the actual speed gauge that fills up as the speed is increased with no need for a hand pointing to the number. The next design is the digital speedometer using only text and the measurement of the speed, after finding a typeface I did design this app icon, however after looking at this app at the actual size the measurements of the speed were unreadable. so this design was quickly redesigned. This app also would have featured all the different types of speed measurement on the icon. The final design was the traditional speedometer design, however after some redesigning in illustrator instead of looking at the speedometer straight on I had it at an angle which made the design look improved aesthetically.

Picture 35 Picture 36

Picture 37

Decibel meter

For the decibel meters I chose to produce a volume pictogram and either have it being shown to be making large amounts of noise with the over exaggerated lightning bolts or similar to the thermometer of this or that have two pictograms both with noise indicators coming out of them but on being bigger that the other, however the size of the app icon and the understandability of the app icon was in question when the app was viewed at its correct size.

Picture 38Picture 39


For the Barometer app icons I began by designing some of the traditional barometer gauges with an arrow pointing at which weather condition it would be, this meant that I had to design multiple pictograms of weather conditions as well as a gauge face, this was difficult because it had to be large enough for the audience to see what the weather conditions were as well as be small enough so that all the pictograms could fit on the app icon and not be too close together. I also designed another app lose to the other designs above of this or that which was a pictogram of an umbrella or sunglasses which I personally like the idea of but it was difficult to create and be effective with the small space provided and that they had to be understandable at a distance.

Picture 42Picture 40Picture 41


The anemometers were not my favorite app icons to create because there were not very many options for the design. after some simple sketching I designed two similar windmills and researched how movement was represented in pictograms. The other design i did was of a newer digital anemometer that had a fan built into it so that it can read the wind speed; another idea i had was to use a cartoon cloud blowing wind through its mouth, however this was too close to the barometer design because of the cloud and could be misconstrued. After some designing the wind turbine i used a fade look on all the blades so that it looked as if it was moving.

Picture 43Picture 44Picture 45


Mountains were the key pictogram for the altimeter design when I was designing some initial ideas for the app icon. I wanted to have a grid placed on my icon to represent the difference between altitudes which on my designs either ran up the side, over the design or around the earth on the middle icon. The first design features an arrow saying you are here which could have been used although the arrow would have been kept but the text would have been too small to be readable. The middle idea was to have the altimeter used above the earth for pilots, however this design would have been difficult to scale down so that it works.

Picture 46 Picture 48 Picture 47


For the Pedometer I didn’t want to create a design as simple as pair of trainers or a foot print so I researched GPS pedometers and found that the log the persons route they have taken so that the person can track their progress in keeping fit and healthy. I wanted to design the app icon so that it was a view of a map similar to iMaps on most apple products. The only problem was that when I designed the app icon it was difficult to work out whether the app was to with maps or pedometers so after some changes ranging from a man running to a pair of trainees I finally opted to the trainers but used the idea I had of the pedometer tracking your route of walking/ running to present the route on a map on the actual page we have to create for one of the apps.

Picture 51 Picture 49 Picture 50


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