Similar App Icons

App icons created by one company are needed t look uniform to each other so that when someone sees on of the icons they know that the icon belongs to a certain group of software or to make it easier for customer to find and identify newer versions of the the apps when searching for them.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 16.05.59


Both the iTunes and App Store icons both feature the gradient centre with a white outline contrasting it. There is also a shadow from the white outline on the app to add more of a 3D look. The musical cord is also coloured white to match the outline with shading; there is also a glare effect added over the top of the app to make it look like more of a button. The App Store icon was designed after the iTunes icon so it looks slightly different; there are some features that are the same which link both the apps together which are the white iconography as well as the outline. When both of the apps get an update they have the red icon appear to remind the customer which has the came composition as the apps but with a red centre and no shading.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 17.12.48
All of these Adobe feature the same simple but easily read typeface as well as a square border around the apps. Most apps are a rounded corner square but these are all sharp corner to go with the border used; the colour of the icons are all different, however they all still link because the background colour is similar to the border and text colour which brings them all together. Shading on the centre of the apps creates a more interesting icon compared to the simple design of the Adobe Media Encoder (far right).   





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