Infographic poster designs


From this infograph you can see the designer has created what looks like a periodic table, however is actually a collection of the most well know typefaces. Semiotically the poster looks like a normal periodic table form a glance which is why when I was looking for infographs I almost ignored this one. For designers this is an interesting poster because it shows all of the main typefaces that can be found everywhere. Although this poster is a good infographic it is hard for its target audience to recognise and understand this poster for the amount of time they look at it. its actual purpose would be overlooked by most people who don’t understand the concept of a typeface or who mistake the poster for a periodic table. This poster features no images or clear text to explain or have people instantly identify what the information included is about.

09-15_studentspendingFrom this inforgraph the reader can see visually with the use of the pie chart  that uses semiotics what the usual spending is for a student. The use of the pie chart with slices made from different things to represent student percentages of spending, Large text and graphs catch the attention of the viewers as well as provide them with a quick source of information. The slices used of the pie chart are connected to semiotics because of the symbolism that a pizza means food and a CD means entertainment, however for some of the slices it is too confusing what the slice is meant to represent.



This is an interesting infograph because of the general content and topic of which this poster is about; the imagery used is meant to be relevant for each period in time however because of the cartoon nature some of the images are not the best representation of that moment in time. the way the time line has been presented isn’t very well so that anyone can look at it and quickly understand what it is.



This infograph is very graph and statistical heavy because of all the example of different films and torrent websites that are used to download files. The infograph is themed to look like a piece of equipment used in the film industry which is mostly what the infograph is mainly themed about. There are multiple images that feature semiotics e.g. a skull to represent piracy.


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