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Pentagram is the world’s largest independent design consultancy. And design everything: architecture, interiors, products, identities, publications, posters, books, exhibitions, websites, and digital installations so the website has been designed for companies and designers who are looking for help or companies that want to have a design improved or created for their new products. I believe that designers will and companies will use Pentagram as a consultancy to improve, design and evolve their designs and logos for their companies. The page length and size that Pentagram uses is well thought out and designed because with the dragging scroll tab they can greatly increase the volume of images and information that they can place on a page; most of the options such as about us doesn’t redirect the user to another page but places the information about the company to drop down over the top of the company thumbnails. The website seems easy to navigate after some use because of the scroll  bar has a duel use as being able to scroll through their clients as well as scrolling through the work that they have done for the company after the user has selected a company or brand. The visual aesthetics of the page is very clean with crisp white background for the red header to really stand out against as well as the uniform positioning of each of the images makes the website look very organized, however even with the spacing between the images of their client pages the page seems cluttered and too full which could be improved by increasing how the long the scrolling screen can go and increasing the spacing between their past clients. For the typography feature on the website is Helvetica which is seen to seen as formal because this is still a company that are always open to new clients so they need the website to convey a business mentality; there is a lack of text in the website apart from headings and the names of the clients they have worked for, however the lack of text is good because of the sheer amount of images that are included on the page that if there was more text the website would be too full.

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“In short, we name brands, position them, give them 
identities and personalities. Then we help develop 
what they do, identify who they do it for, put them in 
touch with each other, write the words, draw the pictures, 
design things, photograph and illustrate stuff, create 
online tools to help track progress and research new
ideas and probably a whole lot more. But most of all 
we only choose to work on projects that we have a 
personal belief in and that we would be consumers
of ourselves. That way we always get it. All we ask is 
that our clients keep an open mind, display our 
credit on everything we do, pay us on time and 
enjoy the process from beginning to end.”

Big Fish was created in the same concept as Pentagon to design and created specific projects for companies to represent their brand. Big fish is designed to help big and small brands with their design, marketing and creation for their products and branding. I believe that designers and companies looking for an independent designing agency would use Big fish because of their step by step approach to the designing and marketing consultancy. The immediate aesthetic of the website is that its very clean because of the colours used; the scrolling gallery of images of former clients and projects shows future clients the standard and service that Big fish work to. The interface is easy to used because of the large menu across the top with a rectangle that follows the users mouse when using the menu. The page size of the website is large enough so that it can feature some of the key projects they have produced without becoming overcrowded. The imagery has been used to represent themselves and their talent. The tone of voice of the text that is in their website is casual with a serif typeface that is easy to read, This typeface is used throughout the website with alterations so that there isn’t such a contrast of black on white the text is coloured a dark grey which looks effective. To make sure the home page isn’t too overcrowded with text there is only headings and the menu with other small comments and descriptions. Because of the small amount of text used it is actually easier to navigate the website because everything is easy to find because of the clear layout.

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Carter Wong Design is an independent design company that designs and produces graphic pieces for companies packaging. The website is designed to be directed at future customers and people looking for a design company. The Interactivity of the website is good that it is simple and clearly set out, however I think there may be a bug with the website because when you first open the page the menu and other text is in show for a second, however fades into the background after that and cannot be seen so that the navigation of the website is affected. The website layout is clean and uncluttered because of the black background with selected areas for text. The page seems quite small because it doesn’t spa to the bottom of the page, however because of the scrolling gallery there is actually more to the page to display former clients works and past projects to customers. The imagery used has been positioned so that the text can be formed around it.

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