Design Company Websites Part 2

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The Why Not Associates website is used to showcase their former clients work and work in progress that they are developing. The website is used to promote their business of being a collection of graphic designs that will design and create corporate identity, digital design, motion graphics and television commercials direction, editorial design, environmental design, publishing, and public art. The website is targeted towards future clients and people who would be interested in working for the company or looking at their previous work. In my opinion the website isn’t very well designed at all, the main headings of the website home page are all too small and placed on top of a light coloured background which makes it hard to see and hard for the user to navigate the website in general. I think that the website should feature some of the companies previous work instead of a random photo that they have taken and used as a background. The colour of the text needs to be changed because of the background colour. the text colour is white so that it cannot be read clearly when on the background the orange is the only colour that really stands out. The font used is easily read and presented for the viewers; the text itself is quite formal which contradicts the homepage of the company itself. The amount of text used is that there isn’t too little that navigation is not understandable but there isn’t too much text that the viewer has to scroll through pages of text. There are no advertising banners or adverts only links to the companies twitter and Facebook.

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The website is designed to show past and future customers the work and quality of the pieces this company has produced for clients. This website I think is well designed because of the clear way it has been set out and the clear buttons that have been created. In my opinion the website is well designed because of the clear button layout; the homepage is interesting and I like it with a birds eye view of their office/workspace with the buttons being on the floor that that have been used to make the homepage seem less cluttered. The homepage is actually a camera in the ceiling taking images of the office, like a live feed of images, each time the page reverts to the homepage then you can see people working. I like the use of the buttons, however it may be hard to navigate if the person is knew to the website or doesn’t think to try the buttons. The image used are the main image of the office that they work in as well as their logo on screen. The use of imagery on other pages has been presented so that the main image of a past piece of work and then a small gallery of other images are placed underneath and then information about the project placed underneath. All of the pages have a black frame which follows all the pages whatever length they are which makes the pages look well designed. The text used is easily read and presented in a formal manner because this is the site that future customers will go to before contacting them to work for them. The design of the website is clear and an easy interface to use which is good for people on the site because of the uncluttered interface and limited amount of text on each page. In the end this is my favorite website which i will take inspiration from.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 13.31.37


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