Logo Design

Before designing my Logo for my website I began by researching and collecting different typefaces that I could use on either my website or include in the design of my website. For the choices of typefaces I decided to use sans serif because of the ideas for how I wanted my logo to be presented typefaces with serifs on would have been a too complex and difficult to manipulate into a design. For all of the typefaces I made sure that both the M and the W were the same because of of some the logo initial ideas, although all these fonts look the same there are differences in each one which is why I collected five similar typefaces to use.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 12.16.43


For my initial ideas I wanted to merge and integrate my initials into my logo for my website. After sketching some initial ideas I began to try using the different typefaces i had collected and began constructing all of theses logo designs. After various attempts I decided that I could use the typefaces for my website as headings and buttons and so i began construction of my logo by using a grid that had lines at forty-five degrees as well horizontal and vertical. After some more initial ideas were sketched out I chose to design a 3D looking logo with the M and W interlocking.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 14.01.04

After Creating the general outline of the logo I began by using different colours for the logo, i tried applying a gradient over the largest parts of the logo, however it was difficult to get the correct colours to contrast as well as the other parts of the logo for shading and the 3D look. I kept the logo simple with simple colours that contrast so that the letters are easily read, however I think that maybe when people look at the logo alone they will think the letters used are EE instead of M and W interlinked.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 14.01.19


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