Coding for websites

Picture 14


To begin with I began by using html on W3 schools with the basic typeface and font with a heading and began by altering the heading and paragraph to my own words and such. I also then began altering the colour and size of specific words after this by creating the code. I then began by adding links and images to the process and also adding links to images and to link to the specific website or my wordpress where the image originated from.

Picture 15Adding in links on the W3 schools html tool shows the linked website which is useful to make sure the website link works because when I was trying to upload images and other media I found that the image wouldn’t show and so the live view option is always on so that I can check and know that the media works with the code.

Picture 16After some use of W3 Schools I began using Dreamweaver and began using images as headings for pages with the images used underneath in a gallery that can be easily used with a paragraph underneath describing what it is.

To begin with I decided to create my website from the start, but after trying html and CSS it became clear that I would have to try to learn all of the function and useful features in the types of code which would have been difficult to do with the time constraints, so I decided to create my website in Wix which is a good website that simplifies the website design process, however I want to gradually increase my skills at website design and creation for the future.


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