Initial website Ideas

After researching multiple websites I began sketching out some designs of how pages in my website can be presented with text and images included. For most of the images I have just placed the words ‘Logo’ or ‘Buttons’ where they would be placed without adding in individual images and drawing the logo out constantly. My initial ideas are quite simple because I want my website to be clean and uncluttered so I will limit the amount of text that is used and presented to anyone that uses my website.

photo1. The first design was simply to have a the logo placed into the top corner with a larger scrolling gallery as the main image people who are on the homepage see, then followed by four smaller images that will be used as buttons to other sections of the website (about, contact ect). Text will be placed at the bottom of the page with either information about the page or the images presented.

2.Design 2 would be the general frame-work for a homepage, this is a clean and simple design with a heading in the top corner with buttons along the top. the page is the home page it is the first page that people will see so it is uncluttered with the basics of the website which is the navigational buttons, the logo and the name of the website.


3. Design 3 has been designed so that four images on the page would have been galleries of the work in my portfolio with the logo in the centre with buttons above the top. For the images at the top I think I would have added at effect so that when they are scrolled over the image would have been greyed over and links to the specific images page to read more about it.

4. For the fourth design it has been designed so that the primary image would be a gallery of the images along the top tat would gradually scroll through, but if the user chose one of the images that is not being used as the primary image the gallery will scroll straight to the actual image of that thumb nail.

5. Idea five is designed so that buttons can be placed on the left hand column which I think is easier than having them along the top. There are thumbnails of the different areas that the user can access, this in a general framework for the website so this would be used on other pages for topics and other pages that would be used to give the website a uniform feel and ease of use.

6. Design six is just a page layout for topic page with text on the right detailing about the image as well as a scrolling gallery of screenshots of the piece on show. I think I could include in the gallery images of the initial sketches and the gradual show of how I created the piece form the initial ideas stage to the final piece.

image copy




10. For design 10 i would have set out all the images used on my website into hexagons so that they all interlink and when the user clicks on them they will bring up the larger original image as well as a link to the topic page.


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