Punctuation Initial Ideas and Final Design


I began by looking at all the different punctuation that I could find in the glyph section of the font book. After looking at all the different glyphs there was a pattern that other symbols look like a letter with some alterations, after some sketches I decided to look previous work and looked at my previous Counter-forming work and to look at altered lettering and symbols for inspiration to begin sketching some ideas. To begin with I began by altering a question mark because when people are confused they use questions or repeat what has been said to them in a question form. After thinking of a few ideas I began by getting opinions from people on what they thought about all of these pieces of punctuation, after getting some opinions I had them tell me what their final thought on which of all the designs I should use and because confusion is linked to the question mark for texting and written use people liked the idea of an altered question mark that they could put at the end of questions and texts that could represent their confusion.


After altering the question-mark design i found that removing the dot at the bottom and swapping it out for and couple lines the same thickness that I got from looking at the helvetica typeface. The lines represent the confusion that the person is feeling, however this has to be large enough so that when used on smartphones and monitor screens. The instant identifiability of the questionmark also makes it easier for the viewer to look at and understand that the phrase was a sentence.photo copy


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