Creation of 8-Bit characters

For the Arcade section of my article I would include relevant 8-Bit characters that I would place on the pages to correspond to the text that was on the page as well as to break up the page and give the page some colour and give the reader something to focus on if they take a break between paragraphs. These 8-Bit characters are taken from the most popular games that surfaces during the golden age of arcade games. 



For the 8-Bit characters I began by creating a large scale grid which had perfect squares in and then began with the pen tool creating in layers the black background of the characters and moving my way in layered in shapes to create these characters. the characters themselves were taken from the most popular arcade games produced that being Pacman, Mario and also Megaman. Because of the simple colouring and shapes I was able to complete these rather quickly and also with some colour swapping created Luigi and also multiple ghosts from the Pacman game. I then went on to create a setup that would be found on must arcade games which was the joystick and 3 button layout. 



For this I again used the pen tool as well as other shape tools to create the basic shape of the joystick and buttons and with the gradient tool gave them more of a 3D look as well adding in a glare effect over the top of them to increase the 3D look. This would be placed at the bottom of the page as if it was an actual arcade machine with the screen presenting the information.   


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