Magazine Analysis


I began by looking at the front cover of the magazine starting at the top there is a green band which is bright green which is the main colour used on Xbox controllers lights as well as the it being a theme colour for the magazine. The main title for the magazine used a bold font that has been used in Xbox adverts, articles and printed onto the consoles themselves; this front cover uses the same typeface in its bold, regular and light versions the put emphasis on on specific topics that the creator would use to sell the magazine by attracting the eye to the bold topics that will interest the target audience. The full image presented on the page that is presented so that it is overlapping other banners and titles to give the reader the impression of it being 3D. Colouring of the text is also another aspect because the green colour is bright and eye-catching as well as using white which is a clean and also when present on a darker background is as eye-catching.


The use of shapes as well as the colour scheme are used to give the object a 3D look so that it’s eye-catching because it looks like its coming out of the page and also because of the green in front of the white background. The use of a rhetorical question also intrigues the reader into reading the small snippet of informations contained in the shape. The white outline on the shape gives the green more of a clean and crisp look as well.


The use of numbers and imagery on this page is an interesting use of typography because the imagery relates to the facts and figures shown. The typography has been used to great effect with the numbers dictating how much room each and space the text has as well as forming an interlocking grid that can fit all the relevant information on as well as the imagery. This page uses the same colour palette as the other pages and integrates the other colours as in the orange as well as the grey which all stand out against the white background because of their size.         



I thought this was another interesting layout because of the way the data was presented with the use of a pie-chart and the way the feature hasn’t been disconnected to the article without the use of a white background/layer and also because is still features the main background image of the page. An image in the centre of the pie-chart also links to the article as well as giving the reader another focal point.  




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