Summer Brief and Analysis

Year 1/2, Summer Vacation
Project: Typographic Summer
Module: Graphic Design with Typography 2 (level 2)

Over the summer you will need to keep rehearsing your skills or you may find yourself getting stale. This project will allow you to do this while choosing topics that suit you.

Please note that the module that you are beginning is a year two module, so while it may seem similar you are expected to up the standard and level of you engagement.

The Brief
Over the summer please complete four double page spreads about any topics that you like. They can be about the same topic or different ones.

You should use some of your own imagery and wording, but can supplement this with found images and texts. Please make sure that you reference this clearly in your sketchbook or within the spreads as appropriate.

You should get your format for the pages measurements from the magazine of your choice and then present the spreads as mock ups within the magazine. No A sizes will be accepted!

You should regard these spreads as portfolio pieces.

While the module may be assessed as a portfolio towards the end of the second year, there will NOT be further opportunities to develop or improve this specific project so you should be careful to present the spreads as professionally as possible.

We expect sketchbooks with this work.

Over the summer you may submit PDFs or the spreads, or work in development to get tutor feedback. You will have One opportunity only to do this.

Specific Learning Outcomes 
Please refer to the Module Guide on Moodle for specific learning outcomes against which you will be assessed. Please make sure that you allow yourself opportunities to present evidence of having achieved these in your sketchbooks and final pieces.

This is a module based in typography, so please make sure that you use appropriate elements in your design.

Your piece will be assessed against a module form level 2 and the grades will count towards your second year of assessment.

Submission Date: September 2013 (exact date to be confirmed – it will be your first weeks back next term with a lesson or two allowed for printing time)


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